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Exploring emotions

30 Jan

So Preston Blair told us to watch ourselves in the mirror to get accurate facial expressions. Maybe he’s right, but it doesn’t really work for me. I have to use it as a distant reference, and work through several iterations before I have something I can use.

Exploring emotions

1) My own face in a mirror (hand added later) – 2) A happy chicken, as I have drawn before – 3) attempt to “cartoonize” my face in the mirror – 4) An angry face as comparison – 5) random doodle for good measure – 6) That’s it, now apply it to a chicken – 7) A chicken isn’t as expressive as a human face (especially the lips), so body language has to compensate (hand is essential here).

I have to practice some more, because being able to draw emotions on your cartoon character is key to making your cartoon appealing and not boring.

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 27

1 Nov

The idea behind this piece of fan art was to find expressions of Bob in the comic book that illustrate the six recognized basic emotions in comics (and art), from which all other emotions spring.

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 27

So what it came down to was mostly an exercise in search, and then trying to reproduce the face of Bob Weiner as closely as in the comic art. I’m not too sure about the surprise and the disgust, though. It was the closest to the basic emotion as I could find them, browsing through Rebootus Maximus.

The colors were a bit of a puzzle too. Anger (red), sadness (blue) and fear (yellow) were easy, but what colors represent joy, surprise and disgust? Well, orange seemed to fit joy, and the other two colors (purple for surprise and brownish mauve for disgust) I found through Google search.

This fan art is made to help sell the trade paper back comic book Rebootus Maximus and to support the artist in his quest to grow a beard for as long as the comic book is sold through the website (see Beardus Maximus on PC Weenies).

That is all.