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More figure drawing

12 Jun

Here is a figure sketch based on a fashion photo, in which I tried to draw in two steps, a design phase for the overall structure of the figure and a refinement phase, in which I concentrate more on the details.

Clothed figure sketch 15 2011/06/12

It’s still a rough sketch, made in 20 minutes, but I think you can see I’ve done a few dozen sketches (short, 7 minutes long each). The drawing looks more considered, more thought-through. There’s still room for improvement, quite a bit, actually, as there always is. Still, I think I captured the idea of the pose.

I will be doing more of these brief sketches, to develop a feel for proportions. Of course, the drawing above isn’t very well suited for that, because the figure isn’t standing upright, so it’s harder to check the proportions.

One could argue why not do unclothed figure sketches? I’m surely want to do those too, but good (non-pornographic) images are less frequent than good fashion photos on the Internet. Also, it’s much easier to ask someone to pose for me with her or his clothed on than without, in real life I mean. Typical clothed figure rates are 10 euros per hour (if I go by the rates my local community college uses). My guess is that nude models are much more expensive, but I could be wrong.

I’m still not confident enough to hire models, though, so for now I’m trying to improve my skills by using photos and short candid pose sketches (people in public spaces). Alas, the rates for the figure sketching course at my local community college has gone up this year (now 16 euros per 2 hour lesson, excluding modeling costs), so I’m unable to attend those, as I had planned.

Yet more caricature drawing preparation, part 2

15 Sep

After I had drawn this sketch I had the choice of redrawing or do a digital retouch. The right eye of this girl was way too big, so I shrunk it, which made the pupil too small, which in turn had to be redrawn. I wonder if redrawing would have been just as fast.

More caricature preparation, part 2

If you look closely (or if you have an experienced eye you see it at once), you will see that the lines in the right (her right) eye are thinner than in the left eye.

That is all.

More from YouTube, part 11

11 Sep

Another video from YouTube had one of its frames frozen in time, so I could use it to draw a face with a brush pen.

And that was really necessary, because I needed three sheets of A3 (420 x 297 mm) paper to practice before I was able to draw this girl. Had she moved, I probably hadn’t been able to capture her “likeness”.

More from YouTube, part 11

This is the first time I didn’t fill the blacks with 100 percent black, but instead I left the different shades of black intact. I just made the darkest shades 100 % black and the other shapes relatively more black. I think it gives the drawing a more analogue look that with all full black color. Of course, I retouched the scanned image slightly, just because I can.

That is all.

First drawing experiments with a brush pen

2 Sep

Today I receive my PITT artist pen big brush (black 199), made by Faber-Castell. Well, I ordered for of these, because the minimum order for mail delivery was 20 Euros. The black brush pens are filled with Indian ink and therefore waterproof.

I ordered the large size on purpose, because I want to use strong lines for my sketches. There is also a pen of the same brand which has a smaller tip size, but that would have the disadvantage that I could fiddle on the page. With the large size you can’t fiddle. You can vary the line width somewhat –which was why I ordered the pens in the first place– but not enough to let you draw small details. That was a bit frustrating when I sketched the woman in the dress. I guess when I’m used to this medium, I’ll have found a way around this limitation.

I used YouTube and freeze-framed some videos to use them to draw the people in the frame.

More YouTube, part 5

More YouTube, part 6

More YouTube, part 7

More YouTube, part 8

At first I wasn’t very impressed, because I could still compare it to the video capture. However, after having digitized and cleaned up the drawings, I kind of like them.

The variation in the line width is less than with a real brush, but on the other hand, there is the convenience of the marker. No more spilling of ink or inkblots because the pen was caught by the paper.

That is all.

Ooh, cupcakes! Yummy!

8 Jul

This cartoon drawing started without preplanning. I just drew what I thought would be cool. I know that is not always the best way to go, but it was a lot of fun.

Ooh, Cupcakes! Yummy!

That is all.