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Twitter Is Just Another Hole To Put Your Words In

26 Jul

The idea for the comic page came to me when I thought of how some people use Twitter as an excuse for not having to talk to people, while still communicating with people.

Twitter Is Just Another Hole To Put Your Words In

The page started as a colored pencil drawing, which I inked, scanned, lettered (in Inkscape) and colored (in GIMP).

That is all.


No comic

16 Jul

No comic

You would think that drawing a comic is easy. I guess you would be wrong, because telling a story is the hardest part of drawing comics. If you have nothing to tell, you have nothing to draw.

Even so, I needed a lot of time not drawing this “comic”. The process was kinda involved, and kludgey, because I need reading glasses to do the analogue part of the process, and don’t have the right digital tools to finish the drawing once inside the computer. Inkscape clearly isn’t Illustrator, and there is no integration between Inkscape and the GIMP. It could be that I’m doing something wrong here, or perhaps the Adobe software is worth every penny you pay.

That is all.

Panels with Inkscape and GIMP

29 Jun

I continued my experiments with Inkscape. I drew the black and white version of this panel, divided into 11 sub-panels (so without the color fills, flattened the exported bitmap (which contained anti-aliasing gray tones) in GIMP, and filled the sub-panels with colors in GIMP as well.

Panels with Inkscape and GIMP

Reading through the support wiki of Inkscape I saw you cannot suppress the anti-aliasing effect, so this has to be done externally in an image editing program. That being so, I can just as well color the pages outside of Inkscape and only use the vector drawing program to produce black and white images (or: black, white and transparent) to overlay on the bitmap artwork.

To show the page borders, I have made the image border visible (which is normally invisible in the WordPress template I’m using for this blog).

That is all.