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Mini-comic – Why Are Kittens So Cute?

22 Jun

This mini-comic was made for the mini-comic challenge in the Art & Story Supreme forums.

Intense kitten sketch

22 Nov

Nothing gets you more in the spirit of drawing than some intense Preston Blair drawings. I haven’t finished those, but I had done enough to get me really focused on a nice sketch of this Bengal kitten, called Kimburu Filfil Falconer.

Drawing kittens, part 14

The sketch wasn’t really constructed, just drawn from reference, as-is. Of course, I had to measure some of the parts, like the overall length of the body, compared to the size of the head. With the Preston Blair drawings still fresh in my mind, including the requirement to see proportions (without that, you cannot make those drawings), it was actually not that difficult.

It seems if you want to improve your art, the best thing you can do is to give yourself a really tough challenge, that requires your complete concentration (no music!), and then return to what you thought was so hard to draw. It suddenly is much easier.

That is all.

More kittehs

22 Nov

I found this photo of a kitten (1) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (2), and I wondered if I could draw a kitten with characteristics of both.

I first tried to change the kitten (3), then the human (4), then a hybrid of the both (5).

Then I drew a new cat with roughly the same characteristics as (5), but more feline (6). Exaggerated, this became (7).

Drawing kittens, part 13

The problem of making animals have human traits has been solved a long time ago (in the 1930s I believe), so perhaps I should study that for my character designs.

That is all.

Adjusting a kitten pose

20 Nov

I already drew the same kitty yesterday, but adjusted it in a new sketch, opening its mouth. It may not be as accurate as drawing from a reference with a cat’s mouth opened, but it is good enough to convey the idea. The sketch still looks like the same cat, more or less.

Drawing kittens, part 12

Now I need this technique of changing a drawing based on a photo reference in order to draw more imaginative, because you just can’t have photo references for everything. The question is always where does the imagination begin to distort reality. Where has the artist gone so far with their imagination that the result looks distorted, and the drawing gets into the realm of cartoons.

Not that drawing a cartoon is a bad thing, but it gets away from reality and may take some people out of the story. I guess it is all about managing the reader expectation. If you introduce more cartoony poses gently and with consideration, the reader may go along with it, because it also makes sense in the story, and perhaps even add to the story.

However, if you’re doing extreme cartoony poses constantly, it may make more sense to design a character instead of drawing based on photo references. But even then, poses have to make sense to the character and the story.

That is all.

Kittens ad nauseam

19 Nov

I began drawing kittens, in the hope I’ll get in a great enough mood to turn the sketches into full drawings. However, it was not meant to be. The following sketches weren’t even the first I tried today, but the third through the sixth. You can see these represent kittens, but you can also see the kittens are drawn, meaning that they don’t pull you in. Inspirational drawings was my goal.

Drawing kittens, part 8Drawing kittens, part 9Drawing kittens, part 10Drawing kittens, part 11

Ah well, it was a fun exercise, and the day isn’t over yet.

Again, when I was getting into the zone, I saw markings on the paper that weren’t there, but were the markings my subconscious mind told me should be drawn by my pencil. At least, I hope it is my subconscious, and not a hallucination, caused by over-concentration, which can happen at times.

Another observation I did is that it’s a good thing to set aside your initial setup and do something completely else. When you return, you can clearly see the mistakes in the setup much better and correct them. That is important, because much of the rest of the drawing depends on a strong initial sketch.

Anyway, I have to keep practicing, while the clock is ticking. Only 12 days left in November and the day hasn’t many hours left. So out with this post on my blog!

That is all.

Kittens galore

18 Nov

This is a drawing based on a drawing in a book by Walter Foster. My version is somewhat more of a caricature than his. I used a softer pencil on this one, a 1B instead of the usual HB.

Drawing kittens, part 7

I tried to mimic the shading and markings of the original, but decided to use my own. As is often the case with this kind of books, this book is meant to show off skills, and is less about teaching how to draw and how to develop your own shorthand. I guess that is why I found the booklet in a bargain bin. Nevertheless, there is some instruction in the book, and with some knowledge from books of artists who teach other artists who already are highly successful, I could piece together how to make a good sketch.

And that’s a good thing, because I’ll need it very soon. The ability to make good kitten sketches, I mean. It’s a secret project I’m working on.

That is all.

Yet more kittens

18 Nov

Drawing kittens, part 3I redid a sketch from a photo I tried a few days ago. This one seems more inspired, like I actually understood what I was doing. While the previous sketch looked spontaneous as well, this one has more dynamic in it. I also like the indication of the bed sheets.

Drawing kittens, part 6

That is all.