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TWiT – PC Weenies crossover

15 Oct

A crossover between PC Weenies and This WEEK in TECH can only occur in comics.

TWiT - PC Weenies crossover

Save Krisha’s beard, buy his comic.

That is all.

Drawing Leo Laporte, part 22

14 Oct

Another attempt at drawing Leo Laporte, this time as a cartoon character.

Leo Laporte, part 38

That is all.


4 Aug

In the book about character design by Tom Bancroft, there is an exercise to draw a picture of someone you know, and change their age. It can also be a famous person.


I picked Leo Laporte for that first attempt. The original is the second from the right. Of course, this is just a first attempt, but it a fun exercise, you could try for yourself. It teaches you a lot about drawing characters and how age affects them.

Bancroft even has an exercise to use one character to build another, but not as two sibblings, but as two people who are related, e.g. mother and daughter. That must be a fun exercise to do as well.

Not mentioned in the book, but very feasible is changing the gender of a person. Before I can do that, I need to learn more about fashion and hairstyles. I have lent the magazine I mentioned in a blog post I wrote earlier today. Now I need to grok the photos inside. The magazine has a piece on generations, and how they dress. How appropriate!

That is all.

Character design, parts 4 and 5

4 Aug

I did quite some sketching with a colored pencil and picked the drawings I thought were the most promising, which I inked with a Micron pen.

Character design, part 4Character design, part 5

This is not the final version of the design. I will keep drawing these characters as long as I see that they are getting better. My inspiration is the Star Wars 5 motion picture.

That is all.

Leo Laporte can’t be human

29 Jul

The President of the Internet, fearless leader of the TWiT Army and of the TWiT Network can’t be human. I’m sure he’s some kind of alien who doesn’t need sleep.


That is all.

Drawing Leo Laporte, part 21

24 Jul

It has been more than a month that I drew Leo Laporte, so I decided to draw Leo from a screenshot I took from the live feed on live.twit.tv. I used color pencil for the underdrawing and inked with both a Micron pen and a reed pen, using Indian ink.

Drawing Leo Laporte, part 21

I decided to add some lettering as well, and a TWiT critter on Leo’s shoulder.

That is all.

Leo Laporte likes to play it safe

29 Jun

I guess you all heard Leo Laporte goes to China for a couple of weeks. On several TWiT podcasts (especially MacBreak Weekly) it has been suggested that Leo runs the risk of being held into protective custody for an indefinite period, and that Scott Bourne has to hire some commandos to get him free.

Leo Laporte likes to play it safe

Leo is taking no chances. Suddenly he’s no journalist, he likes man with neck beards (which he erroneously calls “throat beards”). However, he doesn’t like them too much either, because that would possibly give the wrong impression.

Bon voyage, Leo.

That is all.

(The above story is fictional. A resemblance with any individual living in the present or past, either in name or likeness is purely coincidental.)