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Big Art & Story Party Time

28 Oct

Inspired by listening to the crossover show between the Art & Story and Big Illustration Party Time podcasts, called the Big Art & Story Party Time, I drew this piece of text art.

Big Art & Story Party Time

It took me as long to create as the listening time of Art & Story Party Time, part 6. I first penciled, then inked using both the small and big version of the Faber-Castell brush pen.

That is all.

Commoonicating clearly

5 Jul

While I was thinking about and doodling longhand writing, and how it must have evolved from the Greek alphabet, it dawned upon me that writing and drawing actually are the same thing. And with writing I don’t mean putting words into sentences and stories, but the act of drawing letters on a piece of paper, so the low-level stuff, not the meaning of it, not what it stands for, but it itself, the stuff that makes the image of words.

Commoonicating clearly

I’m sure most of you think about fonts here, but I guess you could go even lower than that, because fonts are still abstracting what is going on in your mind while you’re writing longhand. No, I mean the lines and curves that make up letters.

My idea is that if you make the contrast between straight lines and curves bigger, it will be easier to read the letters, identify the words on paper, and understand what the author meant when he thought of a story to tell (or an idea to communicate) to the reader.

And sometimes you intentionally don’t want to be clear, but rather ambiguous or unclear, so the reader can participate more in the story. I wonder if you can reflect this by changing the font slightly, almost unnoticeably, perhaps pick a font that looks like the body copy, but is somewhat less clear to read.

I’m just wondering…

That is all.

Quantum Leap

30 Mar

I loved the Sci-fi tv series “Quantum Leap” with Sam and Al. I found a dvd cover via Google Image search and started with the lettering. It is still a bit rough, but because the whole drawing is going to be rough, I guess that is a good thing.

Quantum Leap lettering

I first penciled the letters, eyeballing from the full display of the poster image file on my computer screen. Then I inked the pencil drawing. I corrected the worst mistakes with some old-fashioned correction fluid (used for typewriters).

I want to color the ink drawing on the computer, probably with some cel shading.

Next I penciled in the actors, Dr. Samuel Beckett (played by Scott Bakula) and Al Calavicci (played by Dean Stockwell) in about an hour.

Quantum Leap - pencil sketch

The size of the drawing is around 18 by 26 cm (width, height), so there’s not much room for details. I guess it means I can only do a rough drawing. If I wanted to add more details, I would need to use a considerably bigger piece of paper.

I will continue working on this tomorrow.

That is all.