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The A B C’s of animal structure

11 Mar

Using a tutorial from Jack Hamm’s book “How To Draw Animals” I sketch a simplified cow in side view.

The A B C's of animals

⇧ In “How To Draw Animals” by Jack Hamm, he teaches us to draw animals in side view with a bunch of rectangles. It isn’t about the rectangles, but about having a way to see the structure of the animal, of all four legged animals, and apply that knowledge to a specific animal. That way you don’t have to guess so much and can spend more time on drawing. After all, the more you draw, the better you will get, especially if you pay attention to how you draw.

The A B C's of animals, applied to a cow

⇧ Here I’ve used a photo of a cow and applied the rectangles to it, before dealing with the exact shape of the animal. Getting the parts in the correct positions and at the right size is always a problem when you’re not familiar with a subject. Having a method to roughly estimate the structure of an animal is a handy trick to have in your bag of artist’s tricks.

This drawing was recorded as a video on my iPod Touch and uploaded to my Shorties Ustream channel.

Pencilcast for February 2, 2011

2 Feb

This time I wanted to draw a Persian kitten. After some warm-up sketches, I draw a more realistic kitten and in the nick of time I draw a cartoon of a Persian kitten. Yes, Persian cats are known for their lack of activity and tardiness.

Pencilcast for February 2, 2011 # 1

Pencilcast for February 2, 2011 # 2

Pencilcast for January 26, 2011

26 Jan

While streaming live on Justin.tv I drew this teenage He-Man, in preparation of an upcoming mini-comic based on an episode of He-Man, but with teens instead of adults.

Teeny He-Man

This means He-Man has to be even younger than in this sketch.

Pencilcast for January 19, 2011

19 Jan

I was trying to draw a cartoon version of a Siamese cat, based on a more realistic version, which isn’t really that easy, as it turned out. I needed more sketches than I show here below, as you can see in the video.


Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 1
⬆ First attempt at drawing a Siamese cat in a pose from a reference photo.

Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 2
⬆ A somewhat more stylized version of a Siamese cat.

Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 3
⬆ Pushing the stylization even more, making it less realistic looking, but still recognizable as a Siamese cat.

Pencilcast 2011-01-19 - Siamese cat # 4
⬆ After doing the stylized version, I dialed it a bit back to realism. It is still a rough sketch, which needs a lot of development and drawing.

Pencilcast for January 12, 2011

12 Jan

I drew three sketches of babies, two based on photos, and one somewhat looser based on a photo. I might sound somewhat incoherent, but that’s just the headache kicking in.

First baby sketch on 2011-01-12
So this was the first baby which I made a sketch of. It is taking a bath.

Second baby sketch on 2011-01-12
The second baby I had sketched earlier today (to check my drawing chops), so it was a little bit easier to draw. This baby is just sleeping.

Third baby sketch on 2011-01-12
The third sketch is based on the same photo as the second sketch, but being more loose with the content. I couldn’t wander off too much, because the headache wouldn’t let me.

So I’ll be streaming live every Wednesday from 20:00 – 21:00 CET ( 11 AM – 12 PM PST, or 2 – 3 PM EST).

Sketching a bear

28 Dec

Trying out the iPod Touch again, using the free Justin TV app. It clearly has network problems, which hopefully will be resolved in time. The stuttering of the video is a symptom of packets not arriving in time over the wifi network.

Anyway, the sitting bear sketch went surprisingly well, and quick too. I made a mistake, which I could have prevented by being more methodical. I promise to change my ways and do better in the future.

Sketch of a sitting bear

Thanks for reading and until the next blog post!

Drawing bears, part 3

24 Dec

So this was going to be a longer drawing session on Justin TV, like the ones I did earlier this year on Ustream. The subject was, not surprisingly, bears.

You can find the recorded videos of this live drawing session on Justin TV and an edited version on YouTube.

Drawing bears, part 3 (drawing 1)
This was a kind of “warm-up sketch”, using an illustration from Ken Hultgren’s book “The Art of Animal Drawing.”

Drawing bears, part 3 (drawing 2)
Using this photo on Flickr, I drew a Grizzly bear from photo reference.