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Portrait Course, lesson # 28

18 Apr

Portrait Course 20110418 # 1

Finished ink sketch of a male model. While the model as a whole is fine, I need to practice on the features, especially the ears.

There will be a break of four weeks until the next portrait course lesson. That will give me an opportunity to brush up on my weaker points.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this brief report of my portrait session.


Portrait Course, lesson # 27

11 Apr

I have practiced inking since the previous time I did an ink drawing of this male model, and I think it had its effect. My lines were much more deliberate (which is a good thing in inking).

Portrait Course 2011-04-11 # 1
⇧ With only a small correction of the (model’s) right glass of the spectacles, I made this preparatory sketch for my ink drawing. I used 2H lead, because it doesn’t smear as much as the HB and B-type leads. My digital camera had a hard time picking up the lighter lines.

Portrait Course 2011-04-11 # 2
⇧ I needed 45 minutes (out of an hour) to ink the sketch. Alas, my instructor is a fine artist and has little experience with contour drawing, which is more illustration than fine art.

As always there were parts I was satisfied with and then there were parts that I would do differently next time. Fortunately, the good parts were in the majority.

Portrait Course, lesson # 26

4 Apr

We had a new model, a man with specs on.

Portrait Course 2011-04-04 # 1
⇧ Pencil sketch of a male model with a pair of spectacles. I didn’t need much help, only in the initial setup. This one was drawn much bigger than the observed size. It means I must think in proportions and can’t rely on drawing from life.

Portrait Course 2011-04-04 # 2
⇧ Final inks. I just didn’t have enough time to do proper inking and my brush wasn’t suited for inking, really. Even so, I think I did a better job than the previous time. Practice will make perfect, I’m sure.