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Drawing my cats, part 25

21 Sep

One of my cats was waiting for me to finish working on the Mac. So I decided to use her image to draw a cat. Mind you, she isn’t a black cat, but rather a calico cat (black, ginger and white).

Drawing my own cats, part 25

I used a brush pen, whiteout, and a Micron pen on a piece of thin copier paper, scanned and retouched it, and colored the scan in the GIMP.

That is all.

Drawing my cat, part 22

30 Aug

In the book about caricature (“Face Off”), the author writes:

Draw anything and everything.

Now that was a good hint for me to start drawing things in my environment. How about my lovely three-colored cat? She is much more friendly to me with age, and is starting to have the nice disposition of the cat I think is her mother. I caught that cat, brought her to my local animal shelter on the first workday of 2008, as my good deed for that year. Apart from the 100 euros I gave (which could be used to spay her, and house her until she found a new owner), I have never been much involved with the animal shelter, before or after.

Drawing my cats, part 22

So there she is, in all her feline splendor. I tried to use strong lines and concentrate on the overall impression. The sketch was made in less than 10 minutes with an HB pencil lead with a chisel point. The chisel point gives me a much more expressive line than the needlepoint most people prefer for their pencils. Or perhaps they aren’t aware that one can give all kinds of alternative shapes to the business part of a pencil.

That is all.

Drawing my cat, part 21

23 Aug

While my eyesight is slowly degrading because of aging, I decided to make a fast sketch of one of my cats, while she was lazily lying on the dining room table. I didn’t use my reading glasses, but kept it rough and imprecise on purpose, trying to capture what I saw instead of what I recognized. I wanted to capture the naive notion of seeing something, before we process it into something we put into a box, and say it is this or that. “Fresh eyes” it is called if I’m not mistaken.

Cats, part 21

Seeing the world with fresh eyes, without the baggage of knowledge can be so liberating. It frees us from preconception, from judgment on the basis of past experience, whether or not that experience is based on facts or on assumptions or even suggestions by others. Seeing past the symbols is perhaps the hardest thing you can ask of a human.

The question may rise how one should do such a thing. Well, it takes practice, of course, and dedication, naturally, but foremost it requires you to want to cast off your experience, especially your feelings, and dispassionately observe something, concentration of the form. Neither want it or dislike it, just do it.

That is all.

Reed pen cartoon, part 3

23 Jul

One of my cats came walking in my living room and was kind of perky. She clearly wanted attention from me, so I gave her some. She isn’t easy to draw, because she’s rather shy, even for a cat. So when she in a sharing mood, I take advantage of that by drawing her. She doesn’t mind, because she just wants to be close to me.

Reed pen cartoon, part 3

As you can see, there is one sketch that was made from life, the others are from imagination. I hope my imaginary work will improve over time, and surpass my life drawing work. At this moment, I’m not there yet.

The reed pen is now clearly broken in. I still need to be careful when too much ink collects at the tip, but it doesn’t happen as often as it did yesterday. The lettering is interesting too. The word “Natasha” was drawn with colored pencil first and inked later. All the other lettering was more spontaneous, without underdrawing.

You might think this is free entertainment, but in fact I do have to pay for kitty chow and dispose of their “dirty work” somehow. And mind you, it’s not like they perform on command, even less for monetary reward. Cats seem to have no concept of money; they just consume it. It’s up to their owners to take care of what they need, and pay dearly for what cats think is a commodity.

The life of a pampered pet is so easy, unlike that of who is doing the pampering. You have to love cats, otherwise it is the first thing you’re going to neglect, as we can see in the animal shelters, that are filled to the brim with cats and dogs right now. Summer vacation has started and some people haven’t thought about what to do with their pets when they are away from home. Boarding homes are full, and all friends and relative are on vacation as well.

I just decided to skip the idea of going on vacation. I’d be thinking of my cats all the time anyway, and not enjoy being away from home in some exotic location.

That is all.

2 Seconds capture!

5 Jul

I had my sketchbook ready to start drawing, but I hadn’t decided what to draw. Then suddenly one of my cats (Natasha) came into the room. I saw her for 2 seconds, and in that instance I saw all the basic shapes that made up the pose of that moment. Of course, I wanted to capture that, and make a more elaborate drawing out of it.

Here it is.

2-seconds capture!

Mind you, the sketch bears no resemblance to the original cat. At some point, the drawing began to lead a life of its own.

I’ve added some touches, like a 50 % transparent layer for cel shading and a similar layer for the shadow effect on the lettering.

That is all.

Cats just won’t sit still

24 Mar

I wanted to check how good my shape consciousness is at this moment. Not too shabby it seems.

Cats just won't sit still

1) My Bengal cat meowing for attention
2) He’s quite annoyed now
3) My other (non-pedigree) cat is carefully watching for the other cat to jump her
4) He’s still restless, sitting in front of the window
x) He wouldn’t even sit still for a few seconds to pose

So, what was going on? Duh, there was no more food in their food trays. That was going on, dumb human!

After I fixed that, the Bengal cat calmed down, but took the fun out of speed sketching outlines. What’s the fun if it’s easy to do?

That is all.

Two cats sleeping

17 Mar

If you have two cats who consume part of your monthly income, why not "exploit" them by using them as models for drawing? I made a lovely contour sketch of these two cats who are obviously very accustomed to each other.

If they were humans, one would say that they are fond of each other’s company. Not knowing the inner workings of a cat, I can’t really claim they like each other, in the same way humans like other humans. However, there is an obvious chemistry between these two animals, because they are often seen together.

Two cats sleeping

The sketch took only 30 minutes and was done with HB pencil on 120 g/m2 drawing paper. The scanned image was manipulated slightly (adjustment of levels), to reflect the shades of gray in the original.

That is all.