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Papier mâché dolls, part 5

27 May

Here you can see what happens if you don’t plan ahead. This was supposed to become a clown, but I can’t see it happening. I guess I have to accept the fact that I need to learn how to sculpt with several dolls before I can design a particular doll. There is no need forcing it if the skill isn’t there yet.

Papier mâché dolls, part 5

He still needs some ears, though.

That is all.

Papier mâché dolls, part 4

26 May

So I was a bit impatient and added too much papier and glue to the doll. The doll started falling apart, because the glued on paper couldn’t support itself. Luckily, I could save the severed head (it had broken up in two parts and come apart from the neck) with some glue and strips of paper. Next time I should add paper in several steps than all at once.

Papier Mâché dolls, part 4

So I was lucky, although all the detail I had put into the head was lost.

That is all.

Papier Mâché dolls, part 3

25 May

I did some serious work on one of the dolls, the clown figure (I don’t have a name yet). The feet were elongated, the head, buttocks and belly were added.

Papier mâché dolls, part 3

Now it has to thoroughly dry before I go to the next step.

That is all.

Papier Mâché dolls, continued

24 May

I had to wait two days before the basic structure of the dolls was dry. I didn’t want to wait that long, so I used my microwave oven to speed up the process. Now my dolls all have feet and can stand on their own.

Papier Mâché Dolls, continued

It is important to do the drying in stages. You don’t want those feet to stick to the plate. So I first dried with a low setting (90 W) for 5 minutes, with a little bowl of water for safety (to prevent sparking when there’s no water to absorb the microwave rays. Next, I let them dry in the air for 30 minutes, regularly lifting them, to prevent sticking. Once they were cooled enough I repeated the process at 350 Watts. After cooling (which took less time) I redid 5 minutes at 350 Watts.

It’s fun cooking your dolls with a microwave oven.

That is all.

Papier mâché dolls

22 May

I found on The Papier Mache Resource a simple recipe of paper glue based on starch, how to make papier pulp and how to create simple dolls out of newsprint paper and starch glue. I’m referring here to the art of papier mâché (aka paper mache).

Papier mâché dolls, first stage

I’m letting three dolls dry after an early stage of assembly. In my experience forced drying with a hairdryer may unstick some of the paper, so I’ll give it time to dry overnight. I will give them identical basic bodies first, then create some sketches, and, lastly, sculpt each doll into an individual character. Two of those characters will be used in a mini-comic, and a third is for a special project I’m keeping a secret for now.

That is all.