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Toy lion

17 Feb

I was curious if my live drawing skills had improved over the days. And it seems they have somewhat.

Although, there were still things wrong with the contour drawing (which prevented my to make a full drawing), it is much better than what I did last week.

Toy lion 001

After I drew the contours of a toy plush lion, I took this photo to check my drawing.

Toy Lion 001 Photo

The problem was that I didn’t drew the line of the top of the couch. If I had done that, the drawing would have been much better. Next time, I should first put some foundation underneath my subject before I start sketching.

That is all.

Toy Tiger

29 Jan

Every time I start drawing from life, I seem to embark on a treacherous voyage of registering with my drawing tool what my eyes see. I’m always amazed afterwards that I have pulled it off. Until now –knock on wood– I have always been able to make my drawing resemble the subject (more or less).

This plush animal was bought as a toy for my cats. I sometimes spray catnip on it, to give it extra appeal (for the cats). It’s not as beat up as another cat toy I bought much longer ago, which has suffered through more than 10 years of cat abuse.

So, this drawing I’m quite pleased with, even though it’s just a quick 20 minutes sketch. I’m slowly learning not to peek too long at the drawing, but at the subject instead.

Toy Tiger

If I can keep this rate of improvement up, I’ll soon be drawing humans, not plush animals, but humans of flesh and blood. I guess I’ll draw myself first, to see if I’m already up to it.

That is all.