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Monkeying Around

10 Sep

Based on the portrait sketches of the last few days I created this portrait from imagination. It reminded me of a monkey, hence the title.

Monkeying Around

I recorded this short Audioboo about how I plan to approach the portrait drawing course on my local community college, which starts next Monday.

listen to it on Audioboo.fm

Pencilcast Ramblings: Episode 0014 – Space Monkey fan art

15 Aug

While I was making this pencil sketch of Space Monkey, I recorded my voice (painfully) trying to describe what I was thinking at the time.

Space Monkey fan art - Blissfully Unaware

I know the recording probably doesn’t make much sense, but hey, it’s free to listen to.

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Warm-up sketch for August 14, 2010

14 Aug

This is today’s warm-up sketch.

Warm-up sketch

I did a brief recording while doing this sketch. The intention was to keep it under 5 minutes, but I went 2 minutes over that. The audio is very rough, although I tried to clean it up. Next time I’ll be using my headset to have a cleaner audio source.

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Pencilcast Ramblings: Episode 0012 – Missing The Mark

6 Jun

I not always do what I set out to do, so I will try another approach and see if that works any better.

Mentioned in this episode are:

Pencilcast Ramblings: Episode 0011 – Progress Report

29 May

What did I do in the past week and what are my plans for the coming week?

Mentioned in this episode are: