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Chalking in the woods

8 Apr

I decided to visit another part of where I live, surrounded by a lot of trees and take my iPod Touch and a few pieces of chalk with me. Alas, I didn’t have enough chalk to do all 3 drawings, let alone do more.

Chalk rabbit
⇧ I’m outside of my home town, surrounded by woodlands, so a rabbit seemed very appropriate.

Chalk beaver
⇧ This one wasn’t really on a sidewalk, but on the road. It’s a beaver, because I was surrounded by forest.

Chalk zebra
⇧ I ran out of chalk while drawing this zebra on a road with little car traffic. He is grazing grass, though.

I saw few people, certainly walking by, so this was again an exercise to improve my chalk chops. If nothing else, I had some physical exercise.


Mad Bunny drawn during a test broadcast on Justin TV

15 Dec

mad rabbit-20101215

While I was testing the connection with Justin TV with Adobe’s FlashMediaLiveEncoder I drew this mad bunny. Yes, I was a bit frustrated.

Recorded video is available on Justin TV and on YouTube.

More digital art experiments

7 Jan

The rabbit was created more or less by trial and error. There are three layers to it, a background, which also contains the cast shadow (to give the rabbit weight), and two layers with the rabbit. Those two layers started as one layer, which I duplicated. The bottom one I just blurred (and used a stencil to clean up the outer edges), while the top one got an India Ink treatment (a PS filter by Flaming Pear). I used the India Ink layer to create a stencil, which I used to clean up the edges of the blurred layers. The India Ink layer then got a multiplay layer mode.

I cheated a bit with the creation of the rabbit. I used a reference photo, which I also used as a tracing image. I only used the tracing image to fill out the shape; the innards were done with the reference photo.

Posted via email from Posterous of René van Belzen

Rabbit with kitten

6 Jan

My first serious drawing using ArtRage 3 Studio Pro. It is based on a photo I found on Flickr.

Cat with rabbit ears

4 Jan

It is strange that when you’re surrounded by cats, you’re tempted to draw other animals as if they were cats. Then you get this: a cat with rabbit ears.

Cat with rabbit ears

Ah well, fun experiment anyway.

That is all.

What an oddly shaped animal

3 Jan

The rabbit is a somewhat oddly shaped animal. It’s very fluffy, and has rounded shapes. Not at all the mix of angular and rounded as in predatory animals like dogs and cats. Looking sideways instead of in front makes them very unlike humans.

What an oddly shaped animal

That is all.

Rabbit in my notebook

28 Dec

I decided to start using a notebook to keep notes and collect sketches. I think that is important, because capturing ideas is perhaps the most important think an artist can do.

Rabbit in my notebook

On the other hand, never underestimate the power of forgetfulness. Forgetfulness is often corrected by the brain through imagination, meaning that your sketches become less prosaic and more poetic. Shorthand and abstraction are the hallmarks of good art.

That is all.