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My cats drawn and scanned

27 Mar

I’ve already established my cats just won’t sit still; they are constantly moving (even when they’re asleep). The best method I’ve found so far for drawing them (without copping out to photography) is to sketch them with pencil and trace the best lines with a micron pen.

My cats drawn and scanned

Another experiment I tried on this drawing is to scan the ink drawing with a 1-bit color depth, and use 1200 dpi instead of 300 dpi in gray scale. Now I have 3 GB on this Mac, but it couldn’t handle such a large file. It seems that on import, most image editors convert the image to a full color bitmap (3 bytes per pixel), which simply doesn’t fit inside the available RAM of an image that is in the order of 120,000 by 40,000 pixels (13 GB of RAM when expanded). So, while the 1-bit color space scanned image is 1/24th of that (1 bit per pixel, instead of 24 bits per pixel), you cannot load it into an image editor.

I guess that’s why you still need to scan with grayscale (8 bits per pixel) and don’t use as much dpi.

That is all.