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1 Oct

My sister breeds Bengal cats for a hobby (a serious hobby, involving serious money, but a hobby nonetheless). She doesn’t keep her cats indefinitely, but gives them good homes, so she can keep improving her “stock”.

Anyway, she posted a photo the new owner took of one of those re-homed cats. I decided to use it for my process of silhouetting. The silhouette on the left was drawn first, copied as a layer and then lighter colors were drawn on top of it.


I concentrated on the face and made the rest rather sketchy (or is that sloppy?). It’s not a 100 % accurate reproduction of the original pose, nor even close to the rendering of the photo. So I think this still means I used the photo as a reference, a close reference, though.

Greeting card

25 Jan

I made this greeting card for my sister. She loves cats, and breeds Bengal cats as a hobby (quite successfully; she has had many show winners).

Greeting card

There was a lot of prep work for this drawing, a lot of sketching and preplanning. I also set myself a serious deadline, and had to make choices in order to make the deadline. It was stressful, but I’m glad I did it.

The card was drawn on a big sheet of paper in Pentel red line pencil, and I inked the letters using a Faber-Castell PITT artists brush pen. I didn’t have time to ink the rest analog, so I decided to do the contour lines in Sketchbook Pro on the Mac. I haven’t done any work with that app, so it was good to experience what it felt like to use.

I did the digital drawing on the morning of my sister’s birthday, so there was no time to do any coloring.

Even for self-assignments there are three things to choose from: quality, time and price. You can only pick two. Here that was time and price. Quality had to suffer a bit.

Good to know for a next time.