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Beardus Maximus fan art, day 13

18 Oct

Bob Weiner has the POWERRR!

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 13

Seriously, if you want me to continue drawing these kinds of spoofs, you’ll have to buy a copy of Rebootus Maximus by PC Weenies comics artist and writer Krishna Sadasivam. Read more about Beardus Maximus on his blog.

That is all.

Robot Cockroaches. What possibly go wrong there?

16 Oct

I found this article on CNet about robot cockroaches that can be dropped from a great height without being affected. This inspired me to create a cartoon with Bob Weiner from The PC Weenies and Doc Brown from Back To The Future, as a spoof on both.

Robot cockroaches. What possibly go wrong there?

This cartoon was made for one purpose only, to safe Krishna’s beard. Read this blog post for more information.

It explains the facial hair additions to the characters. If a comics creator is prepared to grow a beard to promote his comic book, I guess anything goes.

That is all.

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 5

11 Oct

This fan art was made for one purpose only: to save Krishna’s beard. Read this blogpost on PC Weenies for more explanation.

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 5

* When I am not busy slashing innocent people I read me some fine web comics.

* However when I’m off the grid I have my go to comic book by Krishna Sadasivam.

“Rebootus Maximus”
no geek should go without it


That is all.

Dr. Sorta-Evil.

10 Oct

Dr. Sorta-Evil.

I’m not really evil, but I do have plans to take over the world, hence this masquerade as an evil-doer.

Buy my frickin’ comics. Buy 1 billion copies, so I can play at home with my “lasers”.

Go to PC Weenies dot com and order my comic book Rebootus Maximus. I’ve put all my guts and ten frickin’ years of my life in this project.

I’m not really evil, but just buy my book, or I keep bugging you with bad advertisements.


Use The Force to get an F

1 Aug

Let us be clear. Star Wars is not science fiction, not a fictional work based on science. It is a fairy tale, a fantasy story. That it is based in space does not make it more real.

Use The Force to get an F

I’m sure if you would try to write an essay on The Force in Science Class you would be rewarded with an F. The Force stands for failure. It brought Anakin Skywalker nothing but grief. Lord Helmet, oh sorry, Darth Vader was a big failure. You cannot command people with fear and threat, however powerful you are.

But then, the people in Star Wars aren’t people, because they live long ago in a galaxy far away. Human beings live on Earth not in the Star Wars universe. To give them human emotions is just as unfair as giving human feelings to our pets. More unfair even, because the creatures in the Star Wars universe aren’t even related to life on Earth. We have more in common with an earth worm than with a humanoid in the Star Wars universe.

In fact, why do we care? Those creatures aren’t even human and are devoid of human thought, emotions and motivation.

Star Wars makes no sense whatsoever. It is a fun series to watch though, as a piece of fiction, that is. Some people take it far too serious, as if it could really happen. Yeah, when pigs fly.

That is all.

Leo Laporte can’t be human

29 Jul

The President of the Internet, fearless leader of the TWiT Army and of the TWiT Network can’t be human. I’m sure he’s some kind of alien who doesn’t need sleep.


That is all.

Reed pen cartoon, part 7

24 Jul

This cartoon started innocently enough, but when things went wrong while inking, my imagination kicked in and made me draw all kinds of things I hadn’t dreamed of before. It’s like telling a story you never heard of before. It’s like magic.

Reed pen cartoon, part 7

So it’s crude and perhaps not very pretty, but it is imaginative. I also like the alternative word balloon of the elf, which emphasizes she is some kind of parasite. When she speaks, she sucks all creativity out of you. Instead of making you find ways to get something, she just gives you what you want. Thusly you’ll get lazy at inspiring other people so they’ll do things for you.

That is all.