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Gymnastics drawings

22 Aug

I wanted to use my experience of drawing animals to drawing people. Now you could argue that humans are a kind of animal, but there is a difference. We are very acute to notice “mistakes” in presenting humans in a drawing, because we have had a lifetime of observing the human body and what it can do. So the standard of excellence of the artist has to be higher if a human is drawn.

Gymnastics, part 1

Of course, artists are human being too. These drawings were tough to make, because of the unusual poses of the sportswomen.

Gymnastics, part 2

I can see I need a lot of practice before I’m able to draw such poses from direct observation instead of from a photo. I tried to use “through-lines” to setup the sketch, but saw myself going back to copying the photo, instead of using it as a reference.

That is all.


Drawing Unknown Faces, part 48

15 Apr

This baseball player wasn’t easy to draw, but somehow I managed to do it. I had to erase the whole drawing, however, because I drew the head to narrow the first time. Once I knew how the draw this pose, it was much easier.

Drawing Unknown Face, part 48

This sketch is based on a photo on the Flickr public photo stream. It was made in circa 35 minutes with HB pencil.

That is all.

Roughing it, part 7

20 Mar

I’m not sure if this drawing qualifies as a “rough sketch”, because it was made in an hour. I guess it is somewhere in between a formal drawing and a sketch.

I have no idea who the players in the photo are, because the article didn’t mention that (it was about betting on sports events, in particular basketball).

Roughing it, part 7

For some reason, the players seem midgets, while I know that basketball is mostly played by people who have more than average body lengths. I guess there is something wrong with the proportions. The overall impression of the sketch/drawing is close to that of the photo, though. Even the “negative spaces” are in order, because I paid special attention to that.

It also seems that this method has lost its effectiveness (perhaps also its appeal), so I should perhaps not continue, but rather look for another method of improving my drawing skills.

That is all.

Roughing it, part 6

19 Mar

At first I didn’t realize it, but this is a screenshot out of a computer basketball game. It doesn’t really matter for the rough sketching, because the 3D simulation was good enough (at least good enough to fool me).

Roughing it, part 6

Perhaps some of you are wondering why I am doing rough sketches instead of full drawings. Well, it seems if you draw something you’re not too upset about to throw away, that that fact alone may free you from being to judgmental about your drawing. You still have to try to do your best, but because the investment of time is relatively low, you can relax and have fun drawing.

It is this fun factor that really helps you to get better. Because if it’s fun, concentrating on a hard subject is less of a problem and more of a challenge, something you want to complete. Everything you complete makes you better at drawing.

That is all.

Roughing it, part 5

19 Mar

This was a tough composition, because the two players were relatively far apart, there is nothing special going on in the background, and there is extreme foreshortening of the limbs.

Roughing it, part 5

Nevertheless, it seems I have made a reasonably well approximation of the original photo. The players were a bit bigger than could be fitted into the frame, but their body postures and positions relative to each other are much better than in some earlier sketches I made. So, although it is very rough, there is some progress.

I had expected a kind of break-through in my drawing skills, but that hasn’t happened. I guess it means I have to keep banging on it until creating overall correct shape and position on the paper becomes second nature. From that point on, I can go on to more precise representations of photos, or dare I write it, real life people.

That is all.

Roughing it, part 4

18 Mar

This rough sketch is based on a photo of Jodie Meeks in one of his drives towards the basket. The photo is already imaginative, because of the tilt of the horizon. The drawing/sketch should make it even more so, because I can leave things out and just show what’s about.

This sketch doesn’t do that, but it has potential.

Roughing it, part 4

I also figured out what I was doing wrong with the previous rough sketches. I didn’t take enough time to draw. The rough was too rough, as I had expected. You still need to concentrate on your subject and not think about getting it done fast. It takes as much time as it should take.

That is all.

Roughing it, part 3

18 Mar

For some reason I’m not able to create a good sketch of this photo I found on the Internets.

Roughing it, part 3a

Roughting it, part 3b

Roughing it, part 3c

I don’t why that is, and I don’t seem able to find out.

On with the next photo, I guess. But first I should take a break, to lose some of that frustration that I have built up by not getting it right. There is something I’m not doing right, and I’m curious what that is. I guess it is some kind of idiosyncrasy, a bad habit I need to break.

That is all.