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Little Wonder Woman

27 Jul

Little Wonder Woman

Originally uploaded by San Diego Shooter

I decided to use this photo on the Flickr Blog to create a new drawing. Of course, I only used the photo as a reference, not as an exact copy to replicate. After sketches the underdrawing in blue color pencil, I inked the pencil lines and scanned in the result. AFter a clean up, I colored the character, using the photo as a reference for the colors.

Here is the result:

Little Wonder Woman cartoon

That is all.


Ani, ano, anatomy, part 3

4 Jul

The name B-Man is, of course, a spoof on He-Man, from The Master of the Universe, and a play on the notion of B-movies.

Ani, ano, anatomy, part 3


Has no formal powers of his own. He has to rely on other superheroes to do the heroic work, and appears thereafter to share in the glory. If it can be called a super-power, his power is name dropping.

It is also an exercise in drawing anatomy. That part isn’t so good, but it’s getting better.

That is all.


1 Jul

I decided to create a spoof on Superman in a cartoon drawing, and called him Mini-boy, not to be confused with Superboy. The rough sketch looks like this.

Mini-Boy (rough sketch)

After a clean up and digital coloring, I got this.

Mini-Boy (colored)

Of course, it isn’t anything like the drawings of Superman by professional comics artists. However, learning by imitation is still a good way to improve your art skills.

That is all.

Niels Bohr, Master of the Atom

19 Jun

Listening to all those comics podcasts about superheroes, I decided to draw a tongue-in-cheek version of the scientist Niels Bohr, considered by many as the father of the atom. I portrayed him as the Master of the Atom.

Niels Bohr, Master of the Atom

This drawing was pencilled, scanned and digitally colored.

That is all.

Watchmen – Nightowl

1 Mar

You probably won’t believe I needed 1.5 hours to make this drawing. Still I did. It was just so hard to do!

The drawing is based on a screenshot of a trailer of Watchmen. In this scene, the superhero Nightowl lands on the ground after what seems to be a jump from a great height.

Watchmen - Nightowl

That is all.

Silk Spectre

28 Feb

This isn’t my best drawing ever, but it is a drawing of a fictional character in the new movie “The Watchmen”, called Silk Spectre.

I needed a little more than an hour to create this drawing in 2B pencil on 120 g/m2 drawing paper.

Silk Spectre

That is all.