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Drawing Leo Laporte, part 17

28 Mar

This week I have been listening to the Every Day Matters podcast, by Danny Gregory, promoting the book with the same title. Danny has interviewed artists and illustrators about their personal sketchbooks and drawing journals. I guess I have to give it a try and don’t let my preconceptions about what is good and what’s not guide me. I have been wrong so many times in my life, that I’m starting to doubt if using your intuition is really as great a survival strategy as some claim it is.

I will not publish everything I put in my drawing journals, because I want to keep some thoughts and ideas for myself, at least for the time being. Also, some drawings might not be suitable for publication.

Now to the subject at hand, drawing Leo Laporte. I have progressed so much this week, that the fuzzy screenshots of TWiT Live are becoming less useful. With that I mean that the details I can draw now are not available in the screenshots.

Drawing Leo Laporte - TTG 2009-03-28 A

The following is happens if you don’t shut down your inner critic. The drawing becomes all cramped up and doesn’t “look right”. Normally I take a break between drawings, but I decided to see what happens if I don’t clear my mind before a drawing.

Drawing Leo Laporte - TTG 2009-03-28 B

I’ve written: “It’s getting better!” In reality it got worse, as I have explained earlier.

I should have been paying better attention to the date, of course. It is one day later than is written under the drawings.

That is all.


Drawing Leo Laporte, part 16

21 Mar

I had only time to draw one sketch today, so I guess it had to be Leo Laporte during the taping of The Tech Guy, on TWiT Live.

Drawing Leo Laporte - TTG 2009-03-21

That is all.

Drawing Leo Laporte, part 15

14 Mar

This sketch was a test if I could free draw Leo Laporte from a screenshot taken during The Tech Guy radio show on March 14, 2009.

Normally I would painstakingly measure the dimensions of the photo and transfer those in the frame of my drawing. This gives me points of reference for both what’s in the photo and the drawing. This time I wanted to see if I’m already shape aware enough to forgo that strategy.

Drawing Leo Laporte - TTG 2009-03-14

Judging from the result, I’m clearly not yet ready. The likeness is poor, to say the least. Alas, it means I have still a lot of practice ahead before I can draw people in real life, while they are posing for me.

The drawing was done, as usual with HB pencil on 120 g/m2 drawing paper in roughly 90 minutes.

That is all.

Drawing Leo Laporte, part 14

8 Mar

I wanted an altogether other kind of drawing than usual. I opted for this very flat image of a pondering Leo.

Leo Laporte - TTG 2009-03-08

The initial sketch was done drawing by tracing a screenshot of the video in Art Rage 2, and the clean-up and colorization was done in GIMP.

That is all.

Drawing Leo Laporte, part 13

7 Mar

This time I took some screenshots of the live feed of The Tech Guy 541 and picked the best I could find.

Drawing Leo Laporte - TTG 2009-03-07

This sketch was made with a HB pencil on no-name 120 g/m2 drawing paper.

That is all.

Drawing Leo Laporte, part 11

21 Feb

30 minutes of doodles while watching the live stream of Leo Laporte The Tech Guy on February 21, 2009.

Drawing Leo Laporte - TTG 2009-02-21

I was still tired from a morning run of 28 km (in preparation of a Marathon in April), so I had to stop after 30 minutes.

That is all.

Drawing Leo Laporte, part 10

17 Feb

I was wondering why I had such a hard time drawing from the TWiT Live stream. Was it because the stream went so fast, and Leo Laporte can’t really sit still, or was it something I did wrong? I suspected the latter, but what was I doing wrong?

Here are some sketches I made on February 15, 2009 during The Tech Guy, just before the Stickam feed “blew up”, and TWiT Live was off the air for two days. Still, I got 30 minutes of solid drawing time.

Drawing Leo Laporte - TTG 2009-02-15-a Drawing Leo Laporte - TTG 2009-02-15-b

There were some sketches that were reasonably good, but it was a bit of a hit and miss.

Here is what I did today. I sketched for more than an hour, both part of the prerecorded This WEEk in TECH show of Sunday February 15, 2009, and whole of the MacBreak Weekly live stream of today, Tuesday February 17, 2009.

Drawing Leo Laporte - TWiT 2009-02-17-a Drawing Leo Laporte - TWiT 2009-02-17-b

I took a little break after TWiT, and saw that the sketches in which I started with the contours of the face (the largest shape) where the best. What if I tried that and see if I could draw both Leo and his studio co-host on MacBreak Weekly.

Drawing Leo Laporte - MBW 2009-02-17-a Drawing Leo Laporte - MBW 2009-02-17-b

Although it is still off model, it resembles the actual people more than when I drew the eyes, nose and mouth first. I guess drawing the larger shapes first, and only then draw the smaller shapes is really more effective.

It is a hoot to draw Leo Laporte, because he is so energetic. If he is having fun, I’m having fun, because that is what I draw. As long as he keeps putting out shows, I’m keep drawing him, and so doing improving my drawing skills.

That is all.