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Some ideas about realism with THErealFROGMAN, part 6

14 Jul

Ok, this starting to get a bit out of hand. THErealFROGMAN is even realer than earlier. That may seem an ideal to aspire to some, but for me, who wants to draw comics, it isn’t.

THErealFROGMAN, take 6

I’m learning a lot about line width and crosshatching. It is powerful stuff I haven’t even scratched the surface of. It also reminds me of engraving, where you use lines to indicate shading and vary your color values in colored prints.

Now I come to think of it, many of the techniques I see in black-and-white print comics bear resemblance with woodblock printing, or linoleum block printing. Comics have come from book illustration in a time before offset printing.

The advantage of such crude techniques is that the artist needed to simplify his artwork, which coincidentally also strengthens the readability, and –if the artist has done his homework– the communicative value of the artwork. Making the art more stylized makes the art less specific and gives the viewer more room for interpretation.

It is too bad that in modern comics the art has become so realistic. It is as if being picked up by the movie studios is more important than inspiring your readers. Ah well, who pays most gets most. Comic books are sold for less money than what they are worth. On the other hand, relying on a dying industry (read: Hollywood and the MPAA) isn’t a good thing on the long term for mainstream comic book companies. If they continue on their chosen path, they will go the way of the Dodo as well.

So, making it less real, and more stylized will improve the drawing, in the sense that it will appeal more to the viewer, and lend itself better to be included in a comic strip. Of course, that is also so much harder to do.

Perhaps I should pick up my linoleum block printing tools from long ago, to force myself to draw in a certain, more stylized way.

That is all.


Majortom sez

10 Jul

Majortom on TWiT Army Canteen: “Today is Teddy Bear Picnic Day.” For me a good idea for a drawing.

Majortom sez...

That is all.

THErealFROGMAN from another angle

6 Jul

I wanted to learn how to draw a character from another angle, so I used the cartoon of THErealFROGMAN I did yesterday. The initial sketch was done in red pencil, then blue pencil and finally black pencil. The lot was scanned and digitally separated, cleaned, and colored.

theREALfrogman, take 2 (rough sketch)

For some reason, the final version misses something of the immediacy of the rough sketch. I’ve heard that often enough, even from professional cartoonists, comics artists and animators. I guess that simply means the rough sketch leaves more room for the viewer to imagine, so it has more appeal.

theREALfrogman, take 2

On the other hand, this only seems to apply on artists, who know much hard work it takes to create something from nothing. Most people prefer the final version, that doesn’t have the unfinished look and feel and is easier to “read” (recognize). Most people don’t care about art, but look for appeal, what speaks to them, not how the product was made. Artists care about process, about the journey, not the destination.

Ah well, you can’t please everyone at the same time, it seems.

That is all.

My take on THErealFROGMAN

5 Jul

The website maintainer of TWiT Army Canteen is called the Frogman, aka thefrogman or TheREALfrogman. I decided to make a sketch of him. This is the least I can do, because he is so gracious in making time available to keep the website running.

My take on theREALfrogman

Thanks for all the hard work you do every day, frogman!

That is all.

12/12 Mini comic number 1

17 May

12/12 mini comic number 1

This mini comic is based on the 12/12 mini comic project by Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph of the Art & Story podcast in which you have to draw a comic in no more than 2 hours with three subjects in mind, for instance news stories in a newspaper. The idea is that you do it all analog (on paper). I modified it a bit, by doing the coloring digitally.

And you have to do it in six panels only. Talk about restriction! That is hard, but it forces you to pick your panels carefully. The panels I drew were only 45 mm tall and 50 mm wide, so there’s not much room for detail.

Okay, it sucks, art-wise, but this isn’t about art. It is about learning to tell a story with words and pictures.

That is all.

Gary Vaynerchuk

2 Mar

Whenever the TWiT Army website is out, there is a notice posted which shows Leo Laporte with some cables and an emotional expression, and the title "Vaynerchuck".

So I decided to Google "Vaynerchuck", which led me to "Gary Vaynerchuk", also misspelled as "Gary Vaynerchuck". Apparently he is some kind of wine expert and Internet celebrity, who also deals with Hollywood.

I found a video of him giving a presentation, and took a screenshot, which I used for this drawing in Art Rage 2.

Gary Vaynerchuk

I only used four colors for this drawing, and I think it is quite good for a novice like me.

That is all.

Birth of a new avatar

23 Feb

After the New Zealand Blackout, the protest in which people darkened or made there avatars a black square, I decided it was time for something new on the TWiT Army Canteen.

This was the original cropped photo of my face I shot with a webcam.

Birth of a new avatar (1)

This was the first version, drawn in Art Rage 2, with the photo of my face as a template (drawn in the layer on top of the photo in 50 % transparency). The TWiT critter I extracted earlier from a screenshot of the TWiT Live website, and was added in Pixelmator, including the lettering.

Birth of a new avatar (2)

I wasn’t really satisfied with the first version, so I drew some extra’s on top of the first version in Pixelmator, and used the cloning tool to do some corrections on the part around the mouth I didn’t like.

Birth of a new avatar (3)

Mind you, my name on the TWiT Army Canteen is Purplebox, hence the initials PB.

That is all.