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Pencilcast Ramblings: Episode 2 – Some of my tweets

16 Jan

As a step up, I recorded an excerpt of the tweets I created in the previous week. It was still read from a piece of paper, but the production value was raised a bit.

Some of the subjects mentioned in this recording:

I hope you enjoy listening to this recording as much as I did while making it.


Twitter Is Just Another Hole To Put Your Words In

26 Jul

The idea for the comic page came to me when I thought of how some people use Twitter as an excuse for not having to talk to people, while still communicating with people.

Twitter Is Just Another Hole To Put Your Words In

The page started as a colored pencil drawing, which I inked, scanned, lettered (in Inkscape) and colored (in GIMP).

That is all.

More Tweetbird designs

20 Jul

I had so much fun drawing these sketches of a little bird called Tweetbird. The idea of Tweetbird was born out of the bland designs you can download for free from the Internet. If you want a “real” design, you obviously have to pay for it. Since I guess I’m somewhat more skilled in drawing than the average Twitter user, I decided why not draw a better bird myself, one that could be used in a simple comic strip.

More Tweetbird designs
This bird is all over the place, drinks a lot, and has to sleep it off.

So there you have it. I think the birdie needs more work, and some pals for him to interact with. At this moment, the character is still all over the place. Sometimes he’s a seagull, other times he’s a blue Blackbird. Consistency is key when you want to draw a comic strip.

That is all.

Designing Tweetbird

19 Jul

I saw some designs of birds that were used for Twitter, and while they were good, I didn’t like any of them. What better excuse of drawing some Twitter birds yourself? I’m even thinking of creating a comic strip featuring the Tweetbird character.

Designing Tweetbird

Now I have to prepare for my long run as part of the road to my Fall marathon road race.

That is all.