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The Watchmen, third attempt

5 Mar

I started to draw the background first, using my observation from the screen as my guide.

The Watchmen 3rd attempt, part 1

I scanned the sketch from part 1 and overlay the photo on top of it. I tried to correct the mistakes I had made by partially erasing and re-sketching in the original drawing on paper, and sketched in the rest of the background (the Sphinx head and semi-circle of light).

The Watchmen 3rd attempt, part 2

This was a further error correction of the sketch on paper from part 2. When I overlayed the scan of the drawing on top of the original photo, I saw the face of the sphinx still wasn’t right, but the contours were, more or less. Perhaps I shouldn’t go into details so soon next time.

The watchmen 3rd attempt, part 3

I guess because in this stage, the details aren’t really important, I can skip correcting the face and continue with the three characters on the foreground. I can always erase the face and redraw it later on.

I erased most of the face of the Sphinx, so only a slight indication of it remained. Next I sketched in the foreground characters, Night Owl, Silk Spectre and Rorschach.

The Watchmen 3rd attempt, part 4

Now I have the check the sketch by overlaying the original photo onto the sketch, and make corrections in the original drawing.

I guess I call the following a finished drawing. I know there is still a lot that could be improved. I will leave that for another day and another drawing.

The Watchmen 3rd attempt, part 5

I think it is a huge improvement over my first and second attempt. I know I’m not there yet. I still need to learn a lot about drawing and practice a lot more if I want to improve my skills even further. At least I now know what I need to learn and what I should practice.

That is all.

Sketching The Watchmen

4 Mar

I downloaded the two trailers of The Watchmen and captured a frame which I found interesting. I can see that I still have problems with putting things on paper in the right proportions.

Of course, I used the right proportions for the frame (1920 pixels wide and 800 pixels high), 12 by 5. My first naive attempt was a bit discouraging. What had gone wrong here?

Watchmen - 001

The frame was correct, 24 cm wide and 10 cm tall, but that was about all that was correct with my drawing.

The next day, I started with measuring the photo and saw that Night Owl was one-third of the width of the frame in the picture. He was much broader than I had drawn him.

So, I tried again, and this time the result was much better.

Watchmen 002

There is a lot I can still improve, obviously, but the overall impression is much better. On the other hand, the semi-circle in the background has a smaller radius than in my drawing. As I discovered in the drawing of the tennis player, getting the background right makes drawing things on the foreground so much easier.

I guess I have so more studying to do before I can draw scenes like this with less effort. I could use the shortcut of drawing with a grid over both the photo and the drawing, but I think that is cheating. I doesn’t learn me to judge proportions by looking at my subject. I need to develop an intuition for those proportions, to get them roughly right in my first draft.

That is all.

Silk Spectre 2

3 Mar

I found a photo of Silk Spectre on the Internet and tried to copy it in a sketch. This time I used the grid method, but I have to say I don’t really like this method. You’re mostly tracing a photo and not really drawing, as you do when you draw from live.

It could be that I’m not used to this method, but it could also be it is not suited for my way of drawing.

Silk Spectre 2

That is all.

Watchmen – Nightowl

1 Mar

You probably won’t believe I needed 1.5 hours to make this drawing. Still I did. It was just so hard to do!

The drawing is based on a screenshot of a trailer of Watchmen. In this scene, the superhero Nightowl lands on the ground after what seems to be a jump from a great height.

Watchmen - Nightowl

That is all.

Silk Spectre

28 Feb

This isn’t my best drawing ever, but it is a drawing of a fictional character in the new movie “The Watchmen”, called Silk Spectre.

I needed a little more than an hour to create this drawing in 2B pencil on 120 g/m2 drawing paper.

Silk Spectre

That is all.